To win a Kendo shiai

Beyond the importance that the physical condition has in any physical confrontation, a shiai is gained through strength of spirit and through the technical superiority.

if these last two aspects are missing the first is almost insignificant.


that is why each kenshi must have a strong spirit and pay great importance to daily training.
the essence of Kendo lies in the proper attitude of being.

I consider that the reaction in shiai starts from the kenshi spirit, it is projected to his hara and according to the literature of the 15th century samurai that treats the methods and the techniques of Japanese swordsmanship, it is manifest itself through the two stars, through the valley, peak and through the distant mountains, namely through the shoulders and chest posture, the position and through curvature of opponent hands that raise his sword.

the readers of this martial art blog should understand that all the technical advices that I have wrote here do not replace the dojo training.
their purpose is meant to highlights the substance of each technique like something that should be considered as a summary.

complete or partial reproduction of the information and images contained in this blog, without the written permission of the author is prohibited and is punishable under law.



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