The training in Kendo

Those who rush to get degrees and diplomas miss the essence of Kendo.

the meaning of a quality training consists in authentic transmitting of the techniques and direct relationship with the master.
in this light, a training that took place in a dojo with many practitioners may not be as good as an technical study in small groups.

the ideal scenario is when the master is working with only one disciple once, because there are enough opportunities for the student to improve his technique.
on this background, the master does not teach a general dry technique to a inhomogeneous audience but rather a personal technique tailored to capabilities of a particular practitioner.

having as starting point the theory and as working method the experiment, this is the only way we can talk about a real individual evolution.

during our training we must try to get closer to the essence of art.

the readers of this martial art blog should understand that all the technical advices that I have wrote here do not replace the dojo training.
their purpose is meant to highlights the substance of each technique like something that should be considered as a summary.

complete or partial reproduction of the information and images contained in this blog, without the written permission of the author is prohibited and is punishable under law.



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