Keiko for everyday life

The purpose of Keiko is to practice ways in which you can observe openings in the defense of your training partner.

in battle, observing and understanding the opponent and then applying strategies practiced in Keiko, allows gaining any shiai whatever is the degree or the experience of your adversary.
in everyday life, application of that principle derived from Keiko consists in observing the opportunities or to develop where them do not exist.

the concept of Seme and the initiative to launch an attack in the Dojo, in real life it is translates into having the initiative in the society in which you live, namely not being passive, to have a proper attitude and to be responsible for your actions and decisions in all your life.

the idea of Ma-Ai in training applies in the life through the ability of managing a set of human relationships.

a Keiko in which you venture when your spirit it is not strong it is a losing battle.

any decision that relies on self-esteem and self-confidence is the secret of success.

the readers of this martial art blog should understand that all the technical advices that I have wrote here do not replace the dojo training.
their purpose is meant to highlights the substance of each technique like something that should be considered as a summary.

complete or partial reproduction of the information and images contained in this blog, without the written permission of the author is prohibited and is punishable under law.


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