From theory to Dojo

Long time ago I heard this idea according to which “the bamboo shadows are sweeping the stairs without raising any grain of dust and the light penetrates the depths of the pond without leaving traces in the water”.

initially, being a teenager, it seemed for me just another martial art quote intended to make the training more interesting which is why I have not paid really much importance to this aspect.


certainly, at that point, I was not ready for this kind of martial approach, being more tempted to find new ways to defeat an opponent rather than ways to win a fight against my weaknesses.

the years have passed and meanwhile I had the opportunity to learn with and from experience of many great teachers until recently I realized that all my sword technique is comprehended now through the philosophy of martial art at a level so deep that any distinction between theory and practice almost faded.

the readers of this martial art blog should understand that all the technical advices that I have wrote here do not replace the dojo training.
their purpose is meant to highlights the substance of each technique like something that should be considered as a summary.

complete or partial reproduction of the information and images contained in this blog, without the written permission of the author is prohibited and is punishable under law.


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