The five secrets of Martial Arts

The modern Martial Arts are no longer secret, but the way in which every practitioner relate to them can be filled with many secrets.

no matter how much you will try to relate to a model, because in the end it’s all about personal ways of thinking and personal perception, where the subjectively sphere show her own true power.


in everything you do, always you will face these five secrets:

the indistinct truth in front of your eyes is a secret.
a thing that you can see it, but you are not aware of it, remains a secret.
a thing you do not understand, is also a secret.
everything which it seems trivial, in most cases at a closer look it is hiding a secret.
all the great things which are shown as simple things, are actually secrets.

the readers of this martial art blog should understand that all the technical advices that I have wrote here do not replace the dojo training.
their purpose is meant to highlights the substance of each technique like something that should be considered as a summary.

complete or partial reproduction of the information and images contained in this blog, without the written permission of the author is prohibited and is punishable under law.


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