Kamae – the basic stance for Keiko

Kamae, the basic stance for sparring or self-defence, it is not a body posture, but rather it is a state of mind, thus Gedan-no-Kamae or Waki-Gamae may concealing an instance of Jodan-no-Kamae. whatever the posture is adopted, it purpose means an invitation for the enemy to attack. is more about a psychological pressure induced to … Continue reading Kamae – the basic stance for Keiko



Distanta fata de adversar se poate inscrie in trei categorii: - Chikai-maai (Chika-ma) - distanta apropiata; - Issoku-itto-no-maai (Issoku-itto-no-ma) - distanta medie; - Toi-maai (Toh-ma) - distanata indepartata. reglarea distantie de lupta trebuie sa se faca in functie de nivelul tehnic al fiecarui practicant dar avand in vedere si alte considerente de tipul greutatii, fortei … Continue reading Ma-Ai