Perhaps the most common technique in contemporary Kendo is Shomen-uchi with Fumikomi-ashi. although it is a dangerous and difficult to execute, this technique offers an aesthetic image which can be considered as being the signature of this martial arts. the readers of this martial art blog should understand that all the technical advices that I have … Continue reading Fumikomi-Ashi



Lovitura frontala de sus in jos pe directie verticala este poate cea mai intalnita tehnica de atac din Kendo iar ca ordine a predarii este urmatoare notiune care se transmite unui practicant imediat dupa ce a inceput sa exerseze Okuri-ashi. intr-o abordare ofensiva a luptei, atunci cand este executat corect, ansamblul Okuri-ashi/Sho-Men Uchi este cu siguranta … Continue reading Shomen-Uchi